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ALL SALES ARE FINAL – Custom, Special Orders, Cancellations, Exchanges and Return Policies all follow Hafers Home Furnishings, Inc. policies.
CUSTOM AND SPECIAL ORDERS – Normal estimate receiving time varies from approximately two weeks up to twenty-eight weeks.  Depending on manufactures freight trucks, weather conditions, frame cutting and back orders with body cover or items. It has been a challenging period with the COVID-19 Pandemic, of unusual much longer delivery receiving time. Our staff checks with each item of interest, for an estimate time and we hope this will end soon. All factories are looking forward to have it running on their normal time period, A.S.A.P. Thank you for your understanding.  Hafers Home Furnishings does everything possible, to follow through and keep track of each personal order.
CANCELLATIONS – 1.) No Charge Fee within twenty-four hours from time of purchase. 2.) If not possible to cancel order with manufactures, we have a 25% restocking fee after twenty-four hours of purchase.
EXCHANGES – 1.) Limited to “Only” excellent new condition. 2.) Re-selection is to be the same or greater price of exchange item. 3.) 5% Exchange Fee. 4.) Delivery and pick up fee are included.
RETURN POLICY – 1.) Limited to “Only” excellent new condition. 2.) Up to seventy-two hours from delivery date. 3.) 5% restocking fee on regular stock furniture items. 4.) 25% restocking fee on custom and special order items. 5.) Pick up fee are included. 
Hafers Home Furnishings, Inc. reserves the right to refuse returns or exchanges of items that are NOT in AS-NEW CONDITION, due to used, damaged, disagreeable odor or misuse by the customer.
Thank you for your business, each individual customer is important to us, we take pride in full – service and appreciated our customers.
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